Fiona Noakes Band – Fury of the Sea


Friday, November 21, 2014

Fiona Noakes Band's music video for "Fury of the Sea" begins with a body washed up on shore. The body wakes up and it turns out to be the lead singer, Fiona Noakes. She looks utterly confused, wondering where she is. We are then introduced by two mysterious men wearing black masks. These men are interesting figures lurking in the water. With the help of special effects, these creeps look distorted, making rapid body movements as they crawl and examine another body by the shore. Many characters appear and soon, Noakes is reunited with her other bandmates. Aside from the plot, the viewers can enjoy some close ups of water hitting the rocks by the shore and the sunlight beaming through the leaves. Let us not forget the important part: the music. The indie/alternative track consists of a unique mixture of blues-y guitar chords and folk rhythms. "Fury of the Sea" will satisfy your hunger for that high-energy, yet simple fusion of blues, acoustic, indie, and folk sounds.

Video Directed by Emily Shanley, Walkway Pictures
Shot and Edited by Derek Price, Say Ten Productions
Lyrics by Fiona Noakes
Music and Arrangements by Fiona Noakes, Cliff Chamberlain, Ben L’Ecuyer, Danae Tsikouras
Song Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Dean Hadjichristou, AddictiveSound Studios
Song Produced by Fiona Noakes Band and Dean Hadjichristou



Fury of the Sea

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Our Band

  • Fiona Noakes

    Lead Singer



  • Cliff Chamberlain

    Lead Guitarist, Rhythm Guitarist,

    Backup Vocalist


  • Danae Thrips Tsikouras

    Drummer, Backup Vocalist


  • Ben L'Ecuyer




  • Seedus

    Rhythm Guitarist