Fiona Noakes Band – Ghost of the Abyss


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If you watch Fiona Noakes Band's "Ghost of the Abyss" video without watching the first part of the story in their video for "Fury of the Sea", you might get confused. This indie alternative rock band from Ottawa, Canada has a two-part series of interesting videos that depict an ongoing story full of masked men and a mysterious amulet. In their video for "Fury of the Sea", Fiona Noakes Band, comprised of guitar and back-up vocals Cliff Chamberlain, bassist Ben L'Ecuyer, drummer and back-up vocalist Danae Tsikouras, and lead vocalist Fiona Noakes, obtain an amulet of unknown origins and dig up their instruments by the sea after a dangerous encounter with some masked men.

In "Ghost of the Abyss", directed by Emily Shanely, Fiona wakes up in a forest and proceeds to be chased down by people who are after her amulet. She is fed sweets that put her in a drug-induced daze, and she proceeds to find her band mates eating the same candy. Watch the video to find out what happens to Fiona Noakes Band in the forest; one thing is for sure, this is not your average alternative rock video!

"Ghost of the Abyss" music video is the continuation of "Fury of the Sea" music video
Lyrics by Fiona Noakes Music
Arrangements by Fiona Noakes, Cliff Chamberlain, Ben L'Ecuyer, Danae Tsikouras
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Dean Hadjichristou (Addictive Sound Studios)
Song Produced by Fiona Noakes Band & Dean Hadjichristou (Addictive Sound Studios)

Vocals – Fiona Noakes
Guitar – Cliff Chamberlain
Bass VI – Ben L'Ecuyer
Drums – Danae Tsikouras
Directed by Emily Shanley
Shot & Cut by Derek Price
Make-up by Tara Cairns
Cast – Deniz Berkin, Cliff Chamberlain, JF Dufault, Phil Dukarsky, Francko Edge, Edith Landreville, Ben L'Ecuyer, Fiona Noakes, and Danae Tsikouras



Fury of the Sea

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Our Band

  • Fiona Noakes

    Lead Singer



  • Cliff Chamberlain

    Lead Guitarist, Rhythm Guitarist,

    Backup Vocalist


  • Danae Thrips Tsikouras

    Drummer, Backup Vocalist


  • Ben L'Ecuyer




  • Seedus

    Rhythm Guitarist