Fiona Noakes Band – Misunderstood


Monday, February 2, 2015

A track called Misunderstood inevitably runs the risk of being cast off as whiny and adolescent, but Fiona Noakes Band pulls it off. The video is anxiety-ridden yet understated; it’s a grown-up version of teenage angst. This indie alternative rock video begins with a light bulb illuminating a dim room and fades into Fiona Noakes singing about insecurity, a longing for acceptance and a yearning to be understood.

Cutaways from Naokes and her band reveal a man and a woman standing face to face with only the light bulb separating them. As they peel off layers of their clothes, hand-written words are revealed on their skin. These words range from introvert and nerd to terrified and self-harm; they become increasingly more personal as the video goes on. In the end we see that the band members also have words on their skin; in fact, they all have the same word: misunderstood.

Video released in 2015
Directed, shot, and edited by: Josh O’Connor (Arms Race Productions)
Produced by: Fiona Noakes, Amy Jones, Bluesfest School of Music and Art
Video consultant: Tash Allen
Production assistant: Shannon Hodgins
Make-up artist: Vanessa Dunleavy
Cast in Alphabetical order:
Cliff Chamberlain, Francko Edge, Amy Jones, Ben L’Ecuyer, Fiona Noakes, Danae Tsikouras
Lyrics by: Fiona Noakes
Music and arrangements by: Fiona Noakes, Cliff Chamberlain, Ben L’Ecuyer, Danae Tsikouas
Vocals: Fiona Noakes
Guitar: Cliff Chamberlain
Bass VI: Ben L’Ecuyer
Drums and back-up vocals: Danae Tsikouras
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Dean Hadjichristou (Addictive Sound Studios)
Song produced by: Fiona Noakes Band & Dean Hadjichristou (Addictive Sound Studios)
Special thanks to Bluesfest School of Music and Art, Kelly Symes, Spectrasonic, and Jess Veysey



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  • Fiona Noakes

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  • Cliff Chamberlain

    Lead Guitarist, Rhythm Guitarist,

    Backup Vocalist


  • Danae Thrips Tsikouras

    Drummer, Backup Vocalist


  • Ben L'Ecuyer




  • Seedus

    Rhythm Guitarist