Up Close and Personal with "FIONA NOAKES"


April 12, 2015

The New B.P recently caught up with The Fiona Noakes Band and we were honored that Madame Fiona Noakes took a little time out of her busy schedule to give us a up close and personal look at her song “Misunderstood” and the band

Looking to be introduced to Ottawa’s indie alternative folk rock scene? Then meet your gal, Fiona Noakes, Canadian-born singer, songwriter, actress, and writer. Sounds like a mouthful? Still barely enough to describe this versatile soul of talent, we dare say. Inspired by music icons such as Tegan and Sara, Emily Haines, and Metric, her music and heartfelt lyrics have the power to touch, stir, heal, and transform. With human experiences in their most raw and authentic states exposed, such as heartbreak, loss, and nostalgia, one can’t help but succumb to being transported to the depths of the sea, and to experience sweet waves of emotion. Photo courtesy of Philip Rice

Terry K: Can you tell us how your video and song “Misunderstood” came about, a little history behind the song and why you chose to write a song about mental illness?

Fiona Noakes: I wrote Misunderstood a couple years ago. At the time I was driven to write a song about a person who feels misunderstood in life – about how people perceive them and how they feel defective because they don’t live up to societal standards or norms. This song is also about someone who suffers from mental illness and their longing to have that partner in life (whether platonic or romantic) help them through their struggles.

Terry K: How has mental illness affected your life?

Fiona Noakes: For me this song definitely touches on personal aspects of my life. My whole life I’ve always felt different and struggled because I was always told how weird I was and due to this for a while I tried so hard to fit in or be “normal”. I realized though towards the end of high school that just wasn’t me and started to meet awesome friends who accepted me and loved me for who I was – not someone I was trying to be. I think to have this connection is so important. Being the authentic you is how you will thrive in life.

This song really evolved into an anthem song with the video – everyone in life at some point no matter who they are can relate. The message we want to send out with the song and video is all about self-love/self-acceptance,self-respect, compassion, and not being afraid to seek help. Be proud of who you are.

Terry K: What effect has mental illness had on your life?

Fiona Noakes: I have suffered from mental illness and have also had many people close to me suffer from mental illness. I feel this is an incredibly relevant topic that needs to be addressed more. There is no shame or embarrassment in this and I can’t stress the importance of seeking help.

Terry K: Can you give a little history on how the “Fiona Noakes Band” came to be?

Fiona Noakes: As for the history of the band, my current guitarist, Cliff, I met a few years ago. He was my guitar teacher at the time and had expressed interest in joining the band when I mentioned my guitarist at the time, Tim, was moving out West. I met Danae through Cliff who also expressed interest and Ben we auditioned through an online music ad. Seedus is our most recent addition and has been a good friend of the band for some time. We approached him over a year ago about joining the band, as we were looking to add another guitarist and he was interested.

Source: terkinn.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/up-close-and-personal-with-fiona-noakes/


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