Looking to be introduced to Ottawa's indie alternative folk rock scene? Then meet your gal, Fiona Noakes, Canadian-born singer, songwriter, actress, and writer. Sounds like a mouthful? Still barely enough to describe this versatile soul of talent, we dare say.

Inspired by music icons such as Tegan and Sara, Emily Haines, and Metric, her music and heartfelt lyrics have the power to touch, stir, heal, and transform. With human experiences in their most raw and authentic states exposed, such as heartbreak, loss, and nostalgia, one can't help but succumb to being transported to the depths of the sea, and to experience sweet waves of emotion.

As a passionate and creative soul, music isn't her only passion - so too is writing and acting, artistic avenues which also serve as therapeutic outlets for her to engage in self-discovery and self-expression. If her works can enlighten and inspire just one other person, that for her is enough.

But, she would declare, one of the sweetest things in life is also the simplest: performing with her band members - also her awesome pals - who act as a fundamental source of support and inspiration. Thus we introduce to you her minions:

Cliff Chamberlain is the band's lead guitarist and backup vocalist. His experience playing for blues, rock, and country bands provides the band with a diverse range in rock driven riffs that complement Fiona's high-energy performances.

Danae Tsikouras is the drummer and backup singer. Life without her is as dry as the Sahara Desert, for with her cool play on rhythm and rock beats she adds the perfect magic touch.

Ben L’Ecuyer is the beloved bassist. A musical chameleon (and ninja), he can somersault his way through any musical pursuits. A talented and multifaceted fellow, to be sure.

Seedus is the group's newest minion and rhythm guitar expert. A fan of classic rock, he's got the long hair, the scruffy beard, and the attitude to back it up. He's chill, he's easygoing, he's open-minded. But he's anything but ordinary.

You can find Fiona and her group jamming to music on a late weekday evening and devouring boxes of gluten-free pizza, while also plotting to take over the world, and in the process, neglecting half-emptied cartons of juice. This, mates, is called living life on the sexy lane.

Be sure to check out their music and upcoming shows. You'll be spellbound.

Our Band

  • Fiona Noakes

    Lead Singer



  • Cliff Chamberlain

    Lead Guitarist, Rhythm Guitarist,

    Backup Vocalist


  • Danae Thrips Tsikouras

    Drummer, Backup Vocalist


  • Ben L'Ecuyer




  • Seedus

    Rhythm Guitarist


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